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Chalié Richards

Chalié Richards

Built during employment at CTI Digital

Chalie Richards is the UK's oldest wine merchant and required a site that would showcase their full brochure of wines.

Initially, the site was built using Wordpress and was exceedingly cumbersome and difficult to edit. I stepped in to build the site in Drupal using proper content type structure and ease-of-editing for the client. I was able to come up with a set of content types that allowed for the relatively complex brochure section to take shape and be simple for the client to set up and edit.

I also themed some of the new sections, although was able to minimise inefficiency by re-using much of the base theme from the previous Wordpress site.

Project Roles:

Built as part of a teamBuilt as part of a team
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An automated news and blog system were built for the site as well as a twitter feed that automatically publishes new tweets.