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  • How to customise the default file icons in Drupal 7

    9th August 2012

    This quick tutorial will show you how to replace the default Drupal 7 file icons (the icons shown in the default rendered "file" field output).

    Firstly, we need to copy the default folder of icons in to our theme which we can then replace with our new icons. This can be found in "modules/file/icons". Copy and paste this folder in to your theme folder e.g. "sites/all/themes/MYTHEME/images".

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  • Creating a drop-down login block in Drupal 7

    6th August 2012

    I recently had need to create a simple drop-down login block for a Drupal 7 project I was working on. There appeared to be nothing lightweight and easy already built for this so I created a little custom module to do it for me.

    This blog post won't cover the basics of how to create a custom module - for that stuff check out this article from Feel free to download the module - but don't forget to change the package name in the .info file.

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