Crafting beautiful & functional websites since 2005

About Me

Me!As you may already have gathered, I absolutely love web design and development. I began playing about with websites when I was about 12 years old (think lots of animated gifs and scrolling marquees - argh!) and have been absolutely hooked ever since. For me, there's little more satisfying than creating and developing a site from design phase, to writing the code right the way through to theming and delivery.

From humble beginnings I've developed and honed my skills to be able to design and build websites to a high standard. I pride myself on keeping on top of all the latest web stuff, including HTML5 and CSS3, to be able to provide the best possible web solution for clients.


I originally hail from Peterborough and moved up north to attend Bradford University where I studied Digital Media (BA Hons).  My degree covered a broad spectrum of practical mediums from scriptwriting and television production, to web development and 3D animation which enabled me to toy with a variety of different career opportunities. Even the glamour of TV production couldn't win out against my enjoyment of web development and so shortly after graduating I moved to Manchester to fill a web development role at CTI Digital.

The Nitty Gritty

A DeguI currently reside in Glossop, Derbyshire - a lovely little town nestled at the edge of the Peak District.

I have two pet degus who are cheeky little critters - always chewing everything to bits - but I love them anyway!

In my spare time I love to go walking in the hills and often like to do a bit of casual bird-watching.